Executive Search


Executive Search

Whenever the chief executive position is open, the governing body is faced with an critical challenge:  how to find that single individual who can steer your organization through the challenges you face today toward a successful future. The chief executive is the most important piece of the puzzle that ensures a successful and resilient agency. CompassWise works with your Board and Search Committee to determine the essential qualities and skills you need in your next CEO, recruit and screen candidates to fit the profile you determine, make the final selection, and then implement an “on-boarding” experience for the chosen individual to ease the transition and ensure success.

Interim Management

Changes in leadership are never easy for an organization, whether the change is anticipated and well-planned or unforeseen and traumatic. Often a vacancy between the old and new chief staff executive is unavoidable, and there may be no appropriate internal candidate to provide the transition to new leadership.  In these critical times it is important that there is someone competent and experienced at the helm and the agency stays on course. CompassWise can provide short-term, temporary management on a part-time basis, and/or support of a staff interim leader, while the governing body searches for new leadership.


CEO/Executive Director Support

Sometimes it is important for the leaders of agencies to have their own independent sounding board. Someone to bounce ideas off, or problem solve together. We know heading an organization can be lonely. It can sometimes be difficult to connect with peers that are not competitors. We understand the feeling, we’ve been there too. As consultants we can work as your mentor; no hidden agendas, no judging, completely private with only your success as our goal. It’s tough enough to balance all the issues and priorities in the modern health care world –there’s no need to go it alone.

Mentoring of Senior and Middle Management Team Members

It is common practice for home care agencies to promote from within when a management vacancy arises, but great field staff sometimes doesn’t have the skills or training to be successful in their new roles.  Or perhaps an external hire might not be transitioning well to your agency’s culture and your own expectations. Ongoing mentoring with an experienced home care professional from CompassWise can be an effective means to support and develop the management skills your staff need to effectively contribute to your organization’s success.  CompassWise Consulting can design a program for a single manager or entire management teams that, over a period of several months or more, will add to the confidence and competence you expect and need from your key managers.


“Joan hits the ground running! With her unique combination of vision, strong management skills and broad community based health care experience, Joan brings new insights, ideas and approaches to our most innovative and challenging programs. Joan can dig deep while keeping a broad perspective and has a way of drawing in all key players, planting ideas, generating discussion and allowing everyone to feel ownership. A wonderful combination of consultant, mentor and advisor!”

– Rosanne DiStefano, CEO, Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley