Board Development


Board Growth and Development

Now more than ever before, non-profit organizations require governing boards that understand and appreciate their roles, are knowledgeable on the major challenges and opportunities facing the organization, and work collaboratively with one another and with staff in support of the organization’s mission.  CompassWise Consulting can assist when your board is in need of a refresher on its responsibilities, is struggling with internal discord, or is looking for an outside perspective on the business environment.

Education and Training for Non-Profit Boards

Today’s non-profits recruit trustees for their commitment to the organization’s mission, their community connections, and their expertise in law, finance, healthcare or public relations.  But most trustees know little about home care and hospice, and some are even uncertain about their responsibilities as board members.  CompassWise Consulting can help you and your Board become the leadership team your organization needs through formal in-service education sessions targeted to the specific topics you identify.  Whether the subject is “Home Care & Hospice 101,” the executive-board relationship, or another topic, programs will be tailored to your needs and can be delivered in person or electronically. For an example of our work check out a recent webinar we produced for Home Health and Hospice Board Orientation.


The Homecare Trustee Academy Part 1:

The Home Care Trustee Academy Part 2 All About the Money: